Online Scripts in the Public Domain (FOR EDUCATION USE ONLY)

Please note that these scripts are quite varied, final drafts, early drafts, shooting scripts, readings script, most of them not formatted as we will format our scripts. Please don't use them as guides to formatting.

  Adobe Acrobat .pdf Scripts  
  Title PDF Files
  2001: A Space Oddysey 2001 A Space Odyssey.pdf
  25th Hour 25thhour_all.pdf
  Adaptation adaptation.pdf
  Aliens Aliens.pdf
  American History X American History X.pdf
  Annie Hall anniehall.pdf
  Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now.pdf
  As Good as It Gets As Good As It Gets.pdf
  Barton Fink Barton Fink.pdf
  Being John Malkovich BeingJohnMalkovich.pdf
  Big Fish BigFish.pdf
  Big Lebowski, The biglebowski.pdf
  Big Lebowski, The biglebowski2.pdf
  Big Sleep, The bigsleep2.pdf
  Birds, The TheBirds.pdf
  Blade Runner BladeRunner.pdf
  Blue Velvet bluevelvet2.pdf
  Bonnie and Clyde bonnie2.pdf
  Boogie Nights Boogie Nights.pdf
  Boys Don't Cry boysdontcry.pdf
  Braveheart Braveheart.pdf
  Brother to Brother brother to brother.pdf
  Bruce Almighty Bruce_Almighty.pdf
  Bruce Almighty brucealmighty.pdf
  Bullworth bullworth.pdf
  Casablanca casablanca.pdf
  Chinatown Chinatown.pdf
  Clockwork Orange Clockwork Orange.pdf
  Cold Mountain Cold_Mountain.pdf
  Collateral collateral_101203.pdf
  Dr. Strangelove Dr Strangelove.pdf
  Dr. Strangelove dr_strangelove.pdf
  Eight Mile 8MILE.pdf
  Elephant Man Elephant Man.pdf
  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind eternal sushine of the spotless mind.pdf
  Eyes Wide Shut EyesWideShut.pdf
  Fargo Fargo.pdf
  Fifth Element, The FifthElement.pdf
  Fight Club Fight Club.pdf
  Fugitive, The FUGITIVE.PDF
  Full Metal Jacket fullmetaljacket.pdf
  Godfather, The godfather.pdf
  Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting.pdf
  Goodfellas goodfellas.pdf
  Graduate, The GRADUATE.PDF
  Green Mile, The The Green Mile.pdf
  Groundhog Day groundhog_day.pdf
  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets chamberofsecrets.pdf
  In the Bedroom In the Bedroom.pdf
  Interview with a Vampire Interview with a Vampire.pdf
  Italian Job, The italianjob.pdf
  It's a Wonderful Life itsawonderfullife.pdf
  Jurassic Park Jurassic Park.pdf
  Kramer vs. Kramer kramer_vs_kramer-d3.pdf
  Kundun Kundun.pdf
  LA Confidential LA Confidential.pdf
  Last Samurai, The The Last Samurai.pdf
  Last Samurai, The The_Last_Samurai.pdf
  Life of David Gale, The life_of_david_gale.pdf
  Lord of the Rings, The: Return of the King returnoftheking.pdf
  Lost in Translation lost_in_translation.pdf
  Magdalene Sisters, The Magdalene Sisters.pdf
  Maria Full of Grace maria_full_of_grace.pdf
  Matrix, The Matrix.pdf
  Memento memento.pdf
  Men in Black Men In Black.pdf
  Midnight Express MidnightExpress.pdf
  Monster's Ball MonstersBall.pdf
  Mystic River Mystic River Screenplay (Cole and Haag spec script format).pdf
  Mystic River Mystic River Shooting Script.pdf
  Ocean's Eleven oceans_11.pdf
  Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates_of_the_Caribbean.pdf
  Postman, The the_postman.pdf
  Psycho Psycho.pdf
  Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction.pdf
  Raiders of the Lost Ark Raiders of the Lost Ark.pdf
  Reagans, The The Reagans.pdf
  Rear Window rearwindow2.pdf
  Royal Tenenbaums, The royal tenenbaums.pdf
  Royal Tenenbaums, The royaltenenbaums.pdf
  Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan.pdf
  Scarface Scarfacefinal.pdf
  Schindler's List Schindler's List.pdf
  Sex, Lies and Videotapes sex lies videotape.pdf
  Shakespeare in Love shakespeare in love.pdf
  Silence of the Lambs Silence of the Lambs.pdf
  Sixth Sense, The Sixth Sense.pdf
  Slackers SLACKERS.pdf
  Sling Blade sling_blade.pdf
  Sweet Hereafter, The Sweet Hereafter.pdf
  Sweet Hereafter, The sweethereafter.pdf
  Swordfish swordfish.pdf
  Taxi Driver taxi_driver.pdf
  Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Terminator 2.pdf
  Terminator, The terminator.pdf
  Thelma and Louise thelma and louise.pdf
  This Boy's Life This_Boys_Life.pdf
  Unforgiven Unforgiven.pdf
  Usual Suspects, The Usual Suspects.pdf
  When Harry Met Sally whenharrymesally.pdf
  When Harry Met Sally WhenHarryMetSally.pdf
  Witness Witness.pdf
  Wizard of Oz, The Wizard of Oz.pdf
Young Frankenstein young_frankenstein.pdf
  Final Draft Scripts  
  Title FDR Files
  American Beauty American Beauty early.fdr
  Fargo Fargo.fdr
  Mystic River Mystic River Screenplay (Cole and Haag).fdr
  Sweet Hereafter, The Sweet Hereafter.fdr
  Troy TROY-Final.fdr
  Text File Scripts  
  Title TXT Files
  African Queen, The AfricanQueen(1951).txt
  All the President's Men allthepresidentsmen.txt
  Amadeus amadeus.txt
  American Beauty americanbeauty.txt
  American History X americanhistoryx.txt
  As Good as It Gets asgoodasitgets.txt
  Back to the Future backfuture.txt
  Being John Malkovich beingjohnmalkovich.txt
  Big Lebowski, The thebiglebowski.txt
  Bladerunner bladerunner.txt
  Blow blow.txt
  Bonnie and Clyde bonnieandclyde.txt
  Braveheart BRAVEHT.TXT
  Castaway castaway.txt
  Chinatown chinatown.txt
  Cider House Rules, The ciderhouserules.txt
  Citizen Kane citizenkane.txt
  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon crouchingtigerhiddendragon.txt
  Crying Game, The thecryinggame.txt
  Deer Hunter, The thedeerhunter.txt
  Do the Right Think dotherightthing.txt
  Elephant Man, The elephantman.txt
  Elephant Man, The theelephantman.txt
  English Patient, The englishpatient.txt
  English Patient, The englishpatientthe.txt
  Erin Brokovich erinbrockovich.txt
  Exorcist, The exorcist.txt
  Eyes Wide Shut eyeswideshut.txt
  Fargo fargo.txt
  Fight Club fight_club_shoot.txt
  Fight Club fightclub.txt
  Fugitive, The thefugitive.txt
  Full Metal Jacket fullmetal.txt
  Gangs of New York gangsofnewyork.txt
  Gladiator gladiator.txt
  Gods and Monsters godsandmonsters.txt
  Good Will Hunting goodwill.txt
  Graduate, The graduate.txt
  Graduate, The thegraduate.txt
  Grapes of Wrath grapesofwrath.txt
  Green Mile, The thegreenmile.txt
  Hannibal hannibal.txt
  Ice Storm, The icestorm.txt
  It's a Wonderful Life ITSWLIFE.TXT
  Jaws jaws.txt
  Jerry Maguire jerrymaguire.txt
  JFK jfk.txt
  Kafka Kafka.txt
  Kramber vs. Kramer Kramer-v-K.txt
  LA Confidential laconfidential.txt
  Leaving Las Vegas leavinglasvegas.txt
  Magnolio magnolia.txt
  Malcolm X malcolmx.txt
  Man on the Moon manonthemoon.txt
  MASH mash.txt
  Matrix, The matrix.txt
  Meet Joe Black meetjoeblack.txt
  Men in Black meninblack.txt
  Midnight Cowboy midnightcowboy.txt
  Miller's Crossing millerscrossing.txt
  Minority Report minorityreport.txt
  Mullholland Drive mulholland.txt
  Natural Born Killers naturalbornkillers.txt
  Nixon nixon.txt
  Phone Booth PhoneBooth.txt
  Piano, The piano.txt
  Plattoon platoon.txt
  Pulp Fiction pulp.txt
  Raging Bull ragingbull.txt
  Raising Arizona raisingarizona.txt
  Rebel without a Cause Rebel_Without_A_Cause.txt
  Reservoir Dogs reservoir.txt
  Reservoir Dogs reservoirdogs.txt
  Saving Private Ryan savingprivateryan.txt
  Schindler's List schindler.txt
  Seven seven.txt
  Sex, Lies and Videotapes sexliesvideotape.txt
  Shakespeare in Love shakespeareinlove.txt
  Shawshank Redemption, The shawshank.txt
  Shawshank Redemption, The shawshankredemptionthe.txt
  Shine shine.txt
  Shining, The shining.txt
  Sixth Sense, The sixthsense.txt
  Sixth Sense, The TheSixthSense.txt
  Sling Blade SLING.TXT
  Spiderman spiderman.txt
  Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan KHAN.TXT
  Star Wars: Return of the Jedi SW3.TXT
  Sunset Boulevard sunsetboulevard.txt
  Talented Mr. Ripley, The talentedmrripley.txt
  Taxi Driver taxidriver.txt
  Terminator, The terminator.txt
  The Truman Show truman.txt
  Thelma and Louise thelmaandlouise.txt
  Thing, The thething.txt
  THX 1138 thx-1138.txt
  Titanic titanic.txt
  Traffic traffic.txt
  Traffic traffic_script.txt
  Trainspotting trainspotting.txt
  Twelve Monkeys twelvemonkeys.txt
  Twister Twister.txt
  Usual Suspects, The usualsuspects.txt
  When Harry Met Sally whenharry.txt
  Witness Witness.txt
  Young Frankenstein youngfrank.txt
  Young Frankenstein youngfrankenstein.txt
  Word File Scripts  
  Title DOC Files
Barton Fink bartonfink.doc
Big Lebowski, The biglebowski.doc
  Lord of the Rings, The: Fellowship of the Ring, The LordOfTheRingsFellowshipOfTheRing.doc
  Memento memento-script.doc
  Sweet Hereafter, The sweethereafter.doc
  Titanic titanic.doc